Listening along the Way…

Welcome to Love Wisdom Power – Paths to Wholeness blog site. I am so excited to be sharing this site with you.  The walk of the “Gentle Way” path has revealed many stories, lessons and truths to be shared.  I honor the God-source and its infinite Love, Wisdom and Power, that speaks to the heart of all seekers in life.

I have found along the journey that listening to Spirit’s voice has given me keys to greater love, compassion and understanding that I alone could never have realized.  For this I am deeply grateful and forever changing for the better, may it ever be so.

The time spent sitting in the sacred “Rainbow Medicine Wheel” has marked my time here with great profundity. These moments have been more than mere quiet on the side of a mountain. There has been great awareness and tremendous dawning of consciousness that once awakened can never sleep. Once arrived, it must be lived.

I have reached a point on my personal journey where I am entering into Elder-hood.  I take this step very carefully with honor and respect. To those who have come before me, both my walking teachers, my spiritual guides and ancestors alike – I thank you.  For you have informed me throughout the way.  I would not be here in this place of sharing my life’s stories if it were not for your love of me.

It is my deepest dream to inspire and encourage an awakening life. One that will someday reflect the greater truths we all hold deep in our heart of knowing.  We are to share this world with each other in greater peace and harmony with all of life. To be able to preserve the life force for all our future generations to come is our human-mandate, our destiny.

To the Nexus…(the point of connection) The Next US!

Yours Truly,

Rev. Kelley Springer – Butterfly Woman

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