It’s Never Just One Thing!

Many of my clients come to me wondering why they are having struggles with a negative pattern.  Why is this always coming up for me? I have done therapy, workshops and I still have this issue.  Why am I stuck?  

Sound familiar?  Most of us have found ourselves here at one time or another.  One of the first things I always feel I must say is, “It’s never just one thing.”  There are, without question, going to be layers to any pattern we have.  Especially those tough ones that are hanging onto us like a sucker fish.   So I recommend instead of looking to find one cause, that we go at it with a multi-layered approach. That way, you can get a clearer understanding about where a pattern is coming from to begin with. Then you can make a more complete plan for changing the pattern for good.

By having multi-layer awareness you can then see how you can make a map for navigating changes very quickly. If you look for one cause and miss going deeper at another level, you’ll be staring that issue in the face again too soon.

Here is what you can do.  First, I have a suggestion before you begin:  Make an agreement with yourself about what you’re doing.  Let you in on your plan to bust a pattern.   Agree to be an honest self-observer.  Ruthless honesty is sometimes the first step in changing a negative pattern. Willingness to be self-reflective is another. Make your self-agreement the first step. Be sure to write it down, then put it where you will see it often, if not everyday.

Here are some of the layers I work with in my practice with my clients, that you can explore with yourself.

1) If it’s an issue from childhood, it most likely has threads that are subconscious. If you know how to access your inner child, go in and do some holding and listening with your inner child parts.  Or if you are not aware of how to do this, you may want to have my assistance.  I have developed a multi-layered process to navigate you through your Inner Child Integration to completion.

2)  Notice what your emotional payoff is in the pattern. What is it that you get to keep feeling related to the negative belief. Once you know what that is, you can write a new script for a new pattern that you do want, a counter-script. Then put it into practice by reading it every day and reminding yourself of the new pattern whenever the old one comes up.  Practice this until the new pattern holds.

3) Take some time to sit still and get into a meditative state. Call in a group of spirit guides around yourself to give you support and love.  With the God Source, your Angels, Ascended Masters and Animal Spirits around you, feel how surrounded you are by loving energy. Once you feel this loving presence is really solidly around you, you can begin to ask questions from your guides.  Ask to be shown where in your shadow this issue is hiding.  You can ask your guides as many questions as you like. Including how to best address the issue. Then listen and follow what feels true to your heart.

4) Notice if you’re having any trouble letting yourself feel surrounded by love to begin with.  If so, you may need some deeper support to heal.  Often when we have been put down by others our ability to trust other people is damaged too. This is an area where I make a promise to my clients to be that someone they can trust. I agree to be gentle and a safe person for them to open up to.

5) Some layers that are more advanced require the ability to look into past life memories and dive deeper into spiritual communication. For this, it helps if you have someone to work with who is able to communicate at those higher levels of spiritual awareness.  For instance, I have a highly developed ability to communicate spiritually with past life memories as well as to communicate with spiritual guides and the higher-self of the person I am working with and more.

Hopefully this gives you some insight into how to go after layers of awareness for yourself when addressing those sometimes hard-to-change negative patterns.  Blessings to you on your journey of healing and know that I am here if you need support from someone you can trust.

Many Blessings

Rev. Kelley Springer

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