Full Circle – The White Crane and The Butterfly!

There comes a time in your life when everything about you comes together. For me this is that moment.  In the last year my wings have been spreading wider to begin a new phase in my life… one that gives all I have learned a place to go.  Launching into this time has been a season with the White Crane as my power ally.

I have had to sit all winter, be still and let the time ebb away.  While I waited to come into my new awareness. It has been a special time of non-action, unlike a moment when I am shut down or feeling closed off for emotional reasons. This was not like that, it was a time of being still, on purpose to deepen into myself.

The medicine of the While Crane is truly special to me and something that I will share about in another story later.  However the coming of this Bird into my life marks a great portent for me and one that I did not see coming.  But upon reflection makes total sense to me now.

The springtime is the season of Butterfly Woman.  Those who know me, know this is my medicine name.  I have had to learn the meaning of this name over and over again and its power to transform.  Learning yet another level of how to be Butterfly Woman, reborn from the  Chrysalis of Winter with the White Crane into The White Butterfly Woman feels exciting.

At this moment, at the birth of spring this year, I turn 50 years young. On the night of my birthday I have been asked to be the Elder at an event with a gathering of 175 children in the woods south of Portland, Oregon.  It feels like a perfect way to receive my crown as an Elder by being one!

All Winter the Crane has been giving me visions with children and telling me it’s time to start to teach children with your work.  Then my Spiritual Grandfather came to me and said, Butterfly you have to begin your work with the children.  I began to hear, teach KID’s Quest, a simpler version of my adult Vision Quest program.  I have begun to design the process and have committed to present this new  program at the end of Summer.

I am taking my first group of children to Mt. Shasta with their parents for a three day immersion into Nature experience. I promise to post a blog about the journey.   I will be sharing many stories this year about my latest self expression….as “White Butterfly Woman”.  Keep smiling, it’s good medicine:)))

If you’re interested in Kid’s Quest, fill out the form below and we will contact you with details.

Blessings to your journey!

Rev. Kelley – Butterfly

One thought on “Full Circle – The White Crane and The Butterfly!

  1. Kelley – I liked your blog about the White Crane coming into your life – going deep within to access another level of yourself – being still – doing nothing – to find the current path and flowing river of your life – Aho ! In Love and Light – Linda Chanting Canary

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