Waking the Medicine Deer

Dear One1Many of us grow up with an understanding about life as a kind of objective reality.  That the natural world around us is compartmentalized and that everything has its place, so we should not count on being able to talk to it.  Communication between compartments is not possible… that would be, well, just crazy.

When my world began to awaken and I began to speak with it, my reality became so completely changed that I remember the moment very well. It was as if I no longer had a world under my feet.

When your reality changes so much that what was once normal is no longer appears that way,  you begin to feel like there is no place to stand.  So you simply have to find a way to wait this feeling out.  Because, before long, you adapt to your new world view and you begin to trust where you now stand.

For me this was a180-degree shift in reality.  Like animals went from oh those pretty creations of God, those pretty birds, oh that sweet kitty, nice dog to hey crow, you have something to say to me? Let’s talk!  Hi dog, you want to have me put my hands on your hips cause you’re having surgery and you’re worried?   OK, when everything that is alive begins to talk to you, life becomes very interesting really fast.

As I woke up to my new way of being in the world, I also had healing gifts awakening. I really started to live my life not knowing what would happen next, but always willing to embrace things as they came.  So one day when I had just say goodbye to one of my clients, I came to the hallway in my bedroom.  Suddenly, while looking out my window, I saw that, standing in the middle of an apple orchard about half a football field away, was a beautiful doe.  She looked up and I became aware that she and I were locked into each other’s gaze. For several minutes neither of us moved our gaze… I felt this deep sense that something was happening, but I was not sure what.

About a minute later, all of a sudden I said, “OK, I will do it.”  Then I felt my gaze release and hers too and we both walked away.  Then I wondered what I had just agreed to.  Being all embracing, this was just another one of those moments when I just had to go with the flow.

The next day I had a surprise waiting for me as I finished my work with a client. I came out into my bedroom and saw the doe again, only this time she was standing right at my bedroom window.  She was beautiful so I went closer to look at her.  I was also suddenly aware that my dog, who is a great tracker, had not been barking.  Normally she would be going crazy if a deer was this close to the house. She did not move.  Amazing.

When I reached the window and looked down, I could see she was not alone.  She had brought with her a yearling and a new baby fawn.  The little one was not looking well.  It seemed to be having trouble breathing and it could not stand very well.  I began to send some healing energy to this little one, thinking, “Well, OK, I can at least do this… praying and sending love.”  I thought, “OK, I did it; perhaps that is what she needed me to do.”

Another client came and I became focused on that for a few hours.  Then, as I said goodbye, my dog was out in the orchard going nuts, barking at something.  I realized instantly… it must be the baby fawn. I shouted to my husband Andrew to grab a blanket quickly and meet me in the orchard. We ran as it was just starting to rain and we picked up this shivering baby.  It was in trouble and its health was declining fast.

We got on the phone to see if anyone in our area was doing deer rescue work.  After several calls, the only person who did deer rescue work was out of town.  I started to try what ever I could think of, but nothing was coming to mind—no remedy.  Before long, it became clear to me that this baby was just not going to live.  So I began to pray for its passing. We checked on it every half hour and, after about another hour, this baby finally let go and passed.  I did a sending prayer to the deer spirits to come and meet this little one, praying with tobacco, and decided to wait till morning to bury it.

That night I became super aware that something else had to be done. When I woke in the morning, I had a whole story in my mind about this deer.  That it had been out grazing around a house and someone had put out rat poison.  It had eaten some of that poison and the mother knew it could not be left out to die or more animals would surly die.  So I was just about to tell Andrew when he woke up with the same story in his mind.  I said, “We cannot bury that deer.”

Andrew said, “I know; I’ll go dig a pit… we have to burn it.”  Andrew dug a large five-foot hole, built a large fire, and began to cremate this small deer.  It took five hours; he had to make sure it was all turned to ash because no part of this little one could be left.  Not for worms or mountain lions, all of which we had living around us in the mountains where we live.  So it took a long time.  Then we sat and realized how special this was, here in a meadow where we had begun to do ceremonies, was this little deer spirit.  So we named our meadow after it:  “Medicine Deer Meadow.”

We said more prayers and thanked Creator for our opportunity to serve the deer in this way.  Little did we know what we had agreed too, but we were glad theirs and our ears on our hearts were on.  We got the message and saved a lot of animal lives that day. Blessings to the little one as we asked for forgiveness for the person who put out the poison.   May that little deer be ever-loved and embraced by the Light.

Look out when something keeps your gaze; you never know what you might be agreeing to do.

deer.JPGLove and Blessings,

Kelley – Butterfly Woman

Check out “Butterfly Woman’s Radio Show for my latest story about Deer.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/butterflywoman/2014/02/01/yellow-hand-the-warrior-from-behind-the-sun

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