Taking Time to Work on Your Self!

7For many of us we are busy trying to stay afloat. Day to day living is one thing but really being able to live is another. Each day that we put our self last we loose our ability to know more about our true purpose in life.

I invite you to stop and take time each day to practice gratitude for being in this body and breathing.  Listening to one’s heart beat and taking real time to appreciate your own aliveness is a wonderful way to start your day.  When you couple that with ending your day with appreciating what you learned today you begin to notice more about yourself. Tomorrow is a new day to learn and grow.

Learning how to pay more attention to who you are and what your real purpose in life is will give you a greater understanding about your self.  It’s not just noticing you that makes this so. It’s taking real steps to better embody your need to change and grow.  As we grow we become more able to love who we are and give from a fullness that is measurable.

Each day that you learn where your life needs to change and your able to actually make those changes you grow. Growing into a stronger solid self is a full time job and our greatest opportunity as human beings is to learn to grow with love and kindness to our selves.  What does it mean to you to be a loving self?

If you have never taken time to think about this now may be your moment. The beauty of living in today’s world is that their are many of us who have skills to share with each other about personal care.  When your at a lose as to how to go about caring more for you it’s a good time to reach out and ask for assistance. Those that are ready to give you something new to practice are looking for you as much as you are looking for them.

Since the world is full of people who wish to share their gifts with you I suggest asking for the gifts you need to show up in your path.  Asking is a big part of what makes all communication in our lives possible. So often we might feel like asking is a weakness.  However in truth it is where you can find the most strength in your self.  It puts you in a place of being supported by more than yourself alone.  To know other people are here with you to support your personal growth and help you to help yourself to be empowered to be the best you possible is living as a bundle of love vs a stick.

The stick and bundle story is an old one but one that really helps us to see how we are stronger together than alone.  Each time we let others in to help make our own life richer and more vibrant we become more confident and secure. Feeling safe is all important when reaching out to others.  It’s important to use discernment and only open up to those that have proper integrity to hold our secrets and deep heart felt struggles in a loving way.  So we promote change and avoid getting hurt by well meaning people.

This can also go a long way in helping us to develop more trust in who we are.  Personal growth work is an on going journey of discovery. As you learn to find those you can share and grow with your circle of support will grow. Building a team of loving community around yourself is a good way to feel more alive and purposeful.  Being part of a circle that supports you also opens the door for your own gifts to shine and be shared.  When you realize the circle needs you as much as you need it then your self-bundle becomes stronger. I encourage you to build your team of self love and remember it starts with you choosing to love you.

These are some universal principals that have helped me:
• I will love myself first then others.

• I will heal myself first then others.

• I can take in all the advice given, only when I have taken it to my heart will it have meaning and purpose.

• I only need to take in what I can use and let go of the rest, moving forward to greater self care.

• Putting myself first gives me the power to share more love and kindness with others.

• Sharing who I am with others gives me greater reflections so I can know I am not alone.

• I choose to surround myself with loving and kind people.

• I choose to give myself positive life affirming food each day.

• I am willing to learn and grow to be a better self and share my gifts with others.

Each one of these can give you a way to apply more self love to your practices that you may already be doing or be needing to discover in your daily life. Like meditation, integration self-healing, nutrition and physical movement.  These are all ways to work on growing. Have fun and enjoy your next choice and remember your as important as ever thing else in your life–take time to love you more and  you will grow.  Wishing you a good day and a good journey on your road to self discovery and self care.

May you find love blooming in your life each day!

Kelley Springer – Spiritual Counselor

Love Wisdom Power-Paths to Wholeness


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