Listening To Flowers on May Day!



On May Day this Year 2016 I had a strong feeling to come out to sit at the front of my house and listen to something calling to me?

It was a perfect spring day, the sun was out and their was a nice Spring breeze blowing. It felt surreal it was so splendid. At that moment I began to hear them, the Fairies or Plant Deva’s of the land. They said very clearly, your to make flower essence of Rose and Iris today. You must start right away and leave it for seven hours.  That’s a very strong essence…so I got to work and did everything they asked for.

The Rose Essence

I went inside and got two glass bowls, then I filled them with fresh water. The water at my new home is from a well and is the best water I have ever had at a home before. Pour and clean with natural minerals, it is truly very special to have that gift right here at home.  I then went to the Rose and it was amazing, this yellow Rose is growing in a very special and interesting way.  It sits at the foot of a large Pine Tree. The interesting part is how it is growing up about five feet into the branches of the tree.  But it’s not alone, also growing and winding up the tree are Grape Leaves just starting to bloom and make ready for grapes.  It’s amazing this trinity of connection.


So I set to asking how to make this Rose Essence. First they wanted three Rose’s in this creation. I had several buds from a beautiful Italian Rose that I had brought with me from my previous garden.  She was soft pink and delicate. I asked her for her bud’s and added them to the water gently. I then set off to find the other Rose that was calling to be place in the bowl.  Off I went and to my surprise another rose was waiting only one that had been part of the Italian Rose. It too wanted to be added to the bowl so in she went.  Next I was called back to the Pine tree to ask what of the Yellow Rose’s blooming wanted to be picked and placed in the bowl. It took listening to find them and once I had three of them in the bowl we were ready.  I set the bowl at the base of the mother plant and talked to her. Setting the intention and asking for the frequency of herself along with her companions to be part of this essence. Pine and Grape’s are great combination…I was not sure yet of how powerful this would be. But the result was amazing to say the least.  Satisfied that the Rose Essence was now in full active process I turned to the next bowl.

The Iris Essence


Next to Rose’s my favorite flowers are Irises. They have been a fascination of mine since I was young. As a young woman I remember drawing, painting and photographing them.  I loved their flair and elegance, the gracefulness of their delicate petals. They seemed to symbolize something both male and female to me and that has always meant balance and energetic harmony to my heart.  So familiar that idea of harmony is to my soul that I made it my life’s work. I have spent the last twenty five years studying wholeness and cultivating balance from one’s own male and female self and the trinity of Love, Wisdom and Power.  As I listened to the Fairies and began to follow their instruction, they led me to these three sisters. This is where your to place the bowl…but don’t pick these. So I listened to where I was to find the flowers for the bowl. Two Yellow and one Purple Iris made their way into the bowl. I then set the bowl at the base and in the center of the three sisters.  I sat and prayed to them asking for their love and frequency to be given to this essence.  Once all requests and intentions were set I bowed to the plants as I moved away slowly out of respect.

Fairies Almost Never Sit Still!

No sooner had I gone to sit and listen again then they began to give me more instructions. You see that pile of rocks you have over their well…we want you to build a mini spiral labyrinth. I had an intention to build a rock circle and put a fire pit in the middle…so much for my plan haa. Then their was more…you see that bowl you have no use for bring it to the center set it on top of four large stones. Plant those flowers you bought into it and make the spiral centered on these plants. Build the Rock Spiral out from from this plant altar.  Remember this is a dedication to the Fairies and Plants…remember to add shinny things and little things you know all the stuff Fairies Love!


So I went to work, fixing the bowl with dirt and figuring out what flowers to plant in her. Once I had her finished I began to build the Spiral out from that center…until it was complete.  Once it was finished I walked it and was amazed at the center how much energy was surging through from this very simple creation. Powerful and magical it made me feel excited and more connected then I had felt in sometime with Nature. I love my deep relationship to Nature and it’s so important to me that to be able to live more closely with her is a dream come true.  I love my renewed relationship with Nature…I think I  was just have the best May Day ever imagined at this moment.


As I was completing the Spiral I took a moment to have some tea and eat a bit and then a friend arrived to help me put a new string on my harp.  As we were finished I invited him to come and visit my little creation to the Fairies.  I watched as he walked the spiral and made his own unique connection than realized ooh it’s time.  I invited him to come with me to collect the bowls.  Together we went to pick up the Rose’s then the Irises.

The smell coming from the water alone was intoxicating.  It was surly strong, we poured off the water into fresh clean jars and then took a bit of each water into a small glass and drank of the pour essence.  We were both touched at how strong and powerful the energy was. It lit up our hearts to taste such rich fragrant infused water. The taste of Rose was so strong and filled my heart with pour joy.  We celebrated the success of the flower essence I had created by Fairy Direction of course haa.

Later I shared it with my husband and we both again were touched by the amazing feeling and energy. I noticed a lot of energy moving through my body all night and had so much in fact that I had trouble sleeping. In the morning I new I had over dosed on flowers. Laughing at myself I looked into proper dose from a Mother Essence and well I certainly took in more than one should in one setting. I am starting to blend with other elements to make it ready to share with those who may need it.

Living In Partnership With Nature

I have a standing agreement with all that I take from Nature. If I am to bring something home, like a rock or pick a plant I always ask first and make offerings. Then I agree that it’s purpose will be served by me and I agree to pass it on to who ever needs it if I am guided to do so. Many of Natures gifts have walked away from me in the hands of others. Some very precious to me…but I always trust that Nature is an endless fountain of gifts. One must never be greedy or lustful in receiving or giving from Natures Hand.

I am truly blessed by my gifts of deep listening and I am looking forward to being more at peace with Nature as I merge into my new place of being at home here. I will share more with you all as I grow in the glow. Thanks for your hearts and remember to listen to your flowers they are listening to you. Happy Flower Essence making and Happy Spring!

Love and Blessings,
Kelley – Butterfly

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