Listening To Flowers on May Day!



On May Day this Year 2016 I had a strong feeling to come out to sit at the front of my house and listen to something calling to me?

It was a perfect spring day, the sun was out and their was a nice Spring breeze blowing. It felt surreal it was so splendid. At that moment I began to hear them, the Fairies or Plant Deva’s of the land. They said very clearly, your to make flower essence of Rose and Iris today. You must start right away and leave it for seven hours.  That’s a very strong essence…so I got to work and did everything they asked for.

The Rose Essence

I went inside and got two glass bowls, then I filled them with fresh water. The water at my new home is from a well and is the best water I have ever had at a home before. Pour and clean with natural minerals, it is truly very special to have that gift right here at home.  I then went to the Rose and it was amazing, this yellow Rose is growing in a very special and interesting way.  It sits at the foot of a large Pine Tree. The interesting part is how it is growing up about five feet into the branches of the tree.  But it’s not alone, also growing and winding up the tree are Grape Leaves just starting to bloom and make ready for grapes.  It’s amazing this trinity of connection.


So I set to asking how to make this Rose Essence. First they wanted three Rose’s in this creation. I had several buds from a beautiful Italian Rose that I had brought with me from my previous garden.  She was soft pink and delicate. I asked her for her bud’s and added them to the water gently. I then set off to find the other Rose that was calling to be place in the bowl.  Off I went and to my surprise another rose was waiting only one that had been part of the Italian Rose. It too wanted to be added to the bowl so in she went.  Next I was called back to the Pine tree to ask what of the Yellow Rose’s blooming wanted to be picked and placed in the bowl. It took listening to find them and once I had three of them in the bowl we were ready.  I set the bowl at the base of the mother plant and talked to her. Setting the intention and asking for the frequency of herself along with her companions to be part of this essence. Pine and Grape’s are great combination…I was not sure yet of how powerful this would be. But the result was amazing to say the least.  Satisfied that the Rose Essence was now in full active process I turned to the next bowl.

The Iris Essence


Next to Rose’s my favorite flowers are Irises. They have been a fascination of mine since I was young. As a young woman I remember drawing, painting and photographing them.  I loved their flair and elegance, the gracefulness of their delicate petals. They seemed to symbolize something both male and female to me and that has always meant balance and energetic harmony to my heart.  So familiar that idea of harmony is to my soul that I made it my life’s work. I have spent the last twenty five years studying wholeness and cultivating balance from one’s own male and female self and the trinity of Love, Wisdom and Power.  As I listened to the Fairies and began to follow their instruction, they led me to these three sisters. This is where your to place the bowl…but don’t pick these. So I listened to where I was to find the flowers for the bowl. Two Yellow and one Purple Iris made their way into the bowl. I then set the bowl at the base and in the center of the three sisters.  I sat and prayed to them asking for their love and frequency to be given to this essence.  Once all requests and intentions were set I bowed to the plants as I moved away slowly out of respect.

Fairies Almost Never Sit Still!

No sooner had I gone to sit and listen again then they began to give me more instructions. You see that pile of rocks you have over their well…we want you to build a mini spiral labyrinth. I had an intention to build a rock circle and put a fire pit in the middle…so much for my plan haa. Then their was more…you see that bowl you have no use for bring it to the center set it on top of four large stones. Plant those flowers you bought into it and make the spiral centered on these plants. Build the Rock Spiral out from from this plant altar.  Remember this is a dedication to the Fairies and Plants…remember to add shinny things and little things you know all the stuff Fairies Love!


So I went to work, fixing the bowl with dirt and figuring out what flowers to plant in her. Once I had her finished I began to build the Spiral out from that center…until it was complete.  Once it was finished I walked it and was amazed at the center how much energy was surging through from this very simple creation. Powerful and magical it made me feel excited and more connected then I had felt in sometime with Nature. I love my deep relationship to Nature and it’s so important to me that to be able to live more closely with her is a dream come true.  I love my renewed relationship with Nature…I think I  was just have the best May Day ever imagined at this moment.


As I was completing the Spiral I took a moment to have some tea and eat a bit and then a friend arrived to help me put a new string on my harp.  As we were finished I invited him to come and visit my little creation to the Fairies.  I watched as he walked the spiral and made his own unique connection than realized ooh it’s time.  I invited him to come with me to collect the bowls.  Together we went to pick up the Rose’s then the Irises.

The smell coming from the water alone was intoxicating.  It was surly strong, we poured off the water into fresh clean jars and then took a bit of each water into a small glass and drank of the pour essence.  We were both touched at how strong and powerful the energy was. It lit up our hearts to taste such rich fragrant infused water. The taste of Rose was so strong and filled my heart with pour joy.  We celebrated the success of the flower essence I had created by Fairy Direction of course haa.

Later I shared it with my husband and we both again were touched by the amazing feeling and energy. I noticed a lot of energy moving through my body all night and had so much in fact that I had trouble sleeping. In the morning I new I had over dosed on flowers. Laughing at myself I looked into proper dose from a Mother Essence and well I certainly took in more than one should in one setting. I am starting to blend with other elements to make it ready to share with those who may need it.

Living In Partnership With Nature

I have a standing agreement with all that I take from Nature. If I am to bring something home, like a rock or pick a plant I always ask first and make offerings. Then I agree that it’s purpose will be served by me and I agree to pass it on to who ever needs it if I am guided to do so. Many of Natures gifts have walked away from me in the hands of others. Some very precious to me…but I always trust that Nature is an endless fountain of gifts. One must never be greedy or lustful in receiving or giving from Natures Hand.

I am truly blessed by my gifts of deep listening and I am looking forward to being more at peace with Nature as I merge into my new place of being at home here. I will share more with you all as I grow in the glow. Thanks for your hearts and remember to listen to your flowers they are listening to you. Happy Flower Essence making and Happy Spring!

Love and Blessings,
Kelley – Butterfly

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Taking Time to Work on Your Self!

7For many of us we are busy trying to stay afloat. Day to day living is one thing but really being able to live is another. Each day that we put our self last we loose our ability to know more about our true purpose in life.

I invite you to stop and take time each day to practice gratitude for being in this body and breathing.  Listening to one’s heart beat and taking real time to appreciate your own aliveness is a wonderful way to start your day.  When you couple that with ending your day with appreciating what you learned today you begin to notice more about yourself. Tomorrow is a new day to learn and grow.

Learning how to pay more attention to who you are and what your real purpose in life is will give you a greater understanding about your self.  It’s not just noticing you that makes this so. It’s taking real steps to better embody your need to change and grow.  As we grow we become more able to love who we are and give from a fullness that is measurable.

Each day that you learn where your life needs to change and your able to actually make those changes you grow. Growing into a stronger solid self is a full time job and our greatest opportunity as human beings is to learn to grow with love and kindness to our selves.  What does it mean to you to be a loving self?

If you have never taken time to think about this now may be your moment. The beauty of living in today’s world is that their are many of us who have skills to share with each other about personal care.  When your at a lose as to how to go about caring more for you it’s a good time to reach out and ask for assistance. Those that are ready to give you something new to practice are looking for you as much as you are looking for them.

Since the world is full of people who wish to share their gifts with you I suggest asking for the gifts you need to show up in your path.  Asking is a big part of what makes all communication in our lives possible. So often we might feel like asking is a weakness.  However in truth it is where you can find the most strength in your self.  It puts you in a place of being supported by more than yourself alone.  To know other people are here with you to support your personal growth and help you to help yourself to be empowered to be the best you possible is living as a bundle of love vs a stick.

The stick and bundle story is an old one but one that really helps us to see how we are stronger together than alone.  Each time we let others in to help make our own life richer and more vibrant we become more confident and secure. Feeling safe is all important when reaching out to others.  It’s important to use discernment and only open up to those that have proper integrity to hold our secrets and deep heart felt struggles in a loving way.  So we promote change and avoid getting hurt by well meaning people.

This can also go a long way in helping us to develop more trust in who we are.  Personal growth work is an on going journey of discovery. As you learn to find those you can share and grow with your circle of support will grow. Building a team of loving community around yourself is a good way to feel more alive and purposeful.  Being part of a circle that supports you also opens the door for your own gifts to shine and be shared.  When you realize the circle needs you as much as you need it then your self-bundle becomes stronger. I encourage you to build your team of self love and remember it starts with you choosing to love you.

These are some universal principals that have helped me:
• I will love myself first then others.

• I will heal myself first then others.

• I can take in all the advice given, only when I have taken it to my heart will it have meaning and purpose.

• I only need to take in what I can use and let go of the rest, moving forward to greater self care.

• Putting myself first gives me the power to share more love and kindness with others.

• Sharing who I am with others gives me greater reflections so I can know I am not alone.

• I choose to surround myself with loving and kind people.

• I choose to give myself positive life affirming food each day.

• I am willing to learn and grow to be a better self and share my gifts with others.

Each one of these can give you a way to apply more self love to your practices that you may already be doing or be needing to discover in your daily life. Like meditation, integration self-healing, nutrition and physical movement.  These are all ways to work on growing. Have fun and enjoy your next choice and remember your as important as ever thing else in your life–take time to love you more and  you will grow.  Wishing you a good day and a good journey on your road to self discovery and self care.

May you find love blooming in your life each day!

Kelley Springer – Spiritual Counselor

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Whale’s Calling A Meeting!

The largest Brain’s, the biggest tongue and the largest body of any living creature on planet Earth and we hardly ever see them. They are rare and precious when we do. Only a very small percentage of us ever lay eyes on them or get close to whales. ~ Bryant Austin


When we awaken to the true aliveness of all life and begin to feel and notice our deep connection to ever part of it our opportunity for greater communion begins. As I opened my mind to this as a daily possibility it quickly became my new reality. Where such things that only happen in dreams or really far out sci-fi films began to be part of my everyday life nothing is to out of the question.

I love whales and I often listen to their beautiful song letting it take me deep into the other dimensions. I find they are a fascination to the soul, the way that their gentleness seems to touch so many of us even from far away. So one day when the whales called me to the sea to meet them it was an unexpected surprise. That led to a great love affair and a wonderful new understanding about myself.

I had been taking time out from my work and family life to paint my harp. Every so often I would take a weekend away to stay at a friends home in Carmel Valley were I could relax and be un-interruptedly creative. I had a vision of a mermaid on the side of my harp and was just about to start to paint her out of the wood when I got the call. I had paint on my brush, I was ready and then a voice said, stop what your doing now, you have to come to the sea.

My mind said, “What really, oh I have to stop painting but I was just about to go for it”. Then I felt ok I really have to listen to this voice…so I washed off my brush, put away my paint and jumped into my car and drove to the coast. I was being pulled to Point Lobos, a state park at the ocean. I would walk in even though it was late in the afternoon about 5:00 and the park was closing by 6:00. I had only enough time to walk in and out before the gate would close.

The guard at the gate saw me as I was walking in and said, don’t be here to long we are closing the gate soon and if you’re here after hours they will give you a ticket. I said, “Thanks, I only need a moment, I have come for some inspiration I am sure I will be out in time”.

At Point Lobo’s there is a cove called Whalers Cove where once long ago they used to pull in the whales. A small cabin built by Chinese fishermen still remains at the cove, now a cultural history museum. I felt pull toward the cove and headed that way as I walked wondering what was calling me to the sea. As I came to the lower parking lot at the edge of the sea the last diver was loading he tanks and getting into his car. I was now alone. Just the sea, and me I felt this voice tell me to go to the upper cliff over looking the cove.


As I walked to the upper cliffs I began to feel this great over whelming feeling of joy. I thought it was coming from the trees and the Earth all around me. Then I felt so full of bliss I began to sing. I started returning the feeling from my heart, giving it back in a feeling of shared over flowing joy. I saw a tree stump and decided to sit and just take in this wonderful feeling for a moment longer.

No sooner had I closed my eyes than in front of me I heard this low booming voice say, in an air of excitement. “We have come from the deep to speak with you”. Instantly in front of me there were five whales spraying in succession. One after another, I counted…wow five of you.

A beautiful pod of whales were right in front of me. So amazed I sat and closed my eyes, as a seer I see with my eyes closed and I went into the water with my sight and I saw a great big blue whale. Was this for real, blue whales are so big how could five of them fit in the cove?  Was it really deep enough to hold such creatures…really?

Struggling to accept this meeting happening I turned my attention back to this large blue whale that I called, “Grandfather” with out thinking about it as if we were old friends. Then he said to me, “Do you remember this”. A moment later as I kept my eyes shut and still looking into the field around me I saw a wall of blue coming toward me…like a tsunami of blue light that you can just let wash over you. I felt the energy as it hit my body and I almost fell off my seat. I smiled and felt into the feeling and said with out hesitation…yes!  Big Joy wave!

We have been waiting to see you, “he said, you need to return to were your staying and pick up that shell you found on your walk this morning.” On a walk I took that morning I had found a perfect abalone shell that fit in the palm of my hand. It was so small and beautiful…I had been told to bring it home. He gave me a few other instructions and I sat listening to his voice with a kind of wonder. Then he said in his big booming voice. “We have to return to the deep now”.

The whole time he had been talking to me all the whales had been on the surface of the water spaying. Keeping time with their breath in a constant stream of succession. Upon his announcement that they where needing to go, I realized that they all had stopped and in a final breath disappeared.

Suddenly alone again feeling this amazing flood of joy in my whole body. I jumped up and began my decent from the cliff. As I walked back toward the gate saying fair well and thanking them for the meeting I left the cove with a big smile. As I walked my mind began to do this thing that it often does when I have experienced some thing out of the ordinary. I began to question that it happened. As if I was just dreaming and might have only hoped it was blue whales, maybe they were grey whales. As I did my doubting thomas act upon my self. I just kept a quick pace, as I know my time must be up and I would be lucky to get to the gate in time.

As I looked up with a look of awh still on my face the gate’s men was just starting to pull the gate closed. When he saw me coming, we smiled at each other. I must have been glowing cause he look at me again and said, “what did you see”? I said smiling, whales. He smiled even bigger and said, Blue Whales? He had a look of excitement and anticipation on his face. I was shocked, “YES”, in awh again…how did he know. I said, they were amazing; I saw five of them, truly sweet. He said, “we have never seen this before, they have been coming here every day for the last five days”.


Now my mind had to let go of everything my world would want to say to me. Talk to whales, not possible, who can do that? No one can talk to whales. I had to understand that I had really just talked with a pod of blue whales at the edge of the sea. WOW!

When the really wonderful happens and your mind wants you to face all your questions that would other wise say to you…your nuts. You simply have to be ok being a little crazy to live in a world that can allow you to speak to all things big and small. Not everyone will understand.

My parents came for a visit some months later and they wanted to drive along the coast to taken in some of the beauty by the sea. We went to Point Lobos and since I had this amazing experience with the whales I thought I would share about it on the way. So I tell them the story. My mother was like hum, my father was like why would you need to talk to whales, if “God” wanted us to talk to whale we could all do it. Why do you need to talk to whale’s. I was about to say something, when my Mother said, well why not. That was my thought why not, if Mosses could talk to a bush why could I not be talking to a Whale?

Again watching my fathers mind struggle to accept this possibility made me reflect back to myself doubts and how easy it is to go their. I laughed inside myself to think of all the things we human beings put our selves through that limit us. How in an instant my reality had been opened up to include a deep relationship to one of the biggest creatures in our world. That I now had a grandfather friend who was big and blue who has the biggest tongue and largest brain of any other creature on the planet and I could talk to him any time from any where on the Earth from now on.

To find out how true this was I decided to put my relationship to the test? One day I was talking to an eleven-year-old young woman who had been raised by her Mother. Her father had not been ready to make the commitment that raising a child would take. He had never met her. At that moment he had made contact for the first time asking if she would be willing to meet him. They had arranged a time when he would be coming from Scotland to have a week with her. He had arranged to take her whale watching. As she told me this, I said to her. You know I have a friend in the sea, I know a grandfather blue whale. I will send him a message that you are coming and ask that he meet you so your sure to see whales.

So I called to him in my mind and sent him the message about her coming and would he come to meet them. I heard a voice say yes. So I told her I think grandfather got my message and you will see blue whales.

Well the day came and they went out on the boat. Her mother came home telling us the story of how a mother blue whale came to the boat and brought with her a baby. They came so close to the boat that they sprayed them all and she could almost reach out and touch them. The boat captain was amazed they had never seen whales come up to a boat like this before and just float along side for minutes. To me it was conformation that the blues had come to see her, as requested!



A short time later I was to meet a true lover of the whales, I became friends with Bryant Austin. Bryant had been swimming with the whales. He was taking unique pictures of them and blowing them up to life size. This was to show them to people just how big and amazing they are up close. Bryant said, think about it so few people ever in their lifetime see a blue whale up close. Because of our distance from them, he believed that we were not paying enough attention to them. They were in great danger and needed protecting. He gave me a picture of one of the blue whales he took. A truly remarkable person, I loved his sweet heart and vision for the whales.   I attended his show and felt the energy of my grandfather again standing next to a large black and white life size picture. In my mind recounting the moment when I was sitting alone on the cliffs over looking whalers cove.

After I returned that day to the house I was staying at to return to painting a mermaid on my harp. I sat with the shell and was suddenly met by Grandfather again, he was big and blue and we had a very long conversation about how we knew each other. He gave me answers to some questions I had be asking myself for years and in a few moments he had showed me things about myself I had struggled to understand.

I was so touched when I returned home I found a piece of driftwood that I had pickup from one of my many walks by the sea, it looked like a blue whale complete with bailing. I had forgotten that I had painted it blue. Sitting beside my bed was this blue whale. Suddenly one thing led to another. I still have conversations with Grandfather to this day. Perhaps I always will…or have!



I invite you to open your mind in your heart to embrace all life around you each day with every breath.  You never know who or what might be trying to talk to you.

“In honor of Grandfather Blue Whale, thank for the love”

Love and blessings

Kelley -Butterfly Woman


Here is a link to Bryant Austin: Studio Cosmos. 

Please share and enjoy our mutual love and support for the Whales, our biggest brother’s and sisters in the sea.






Waking the Medicine Deer

Dear One1Many of us grow up with an understanding about life as a kind of objective reality.  That the natural world around us is compartmentalized and that everything has its place, so we should not count on being able to talk to it.  Communication between compartments is not possible… that would be, well, just crazy.

When my world began to awaken and I began to speak with it, my reality became so completely changed that I remember the moment very well. It was as if I no longer had a world under my feet.

When your reality changes so much that what was once normal is no longer appears that way,  you begin to feel like there is no place to stand.  So you simply have to find a way to wait this feeling out.  Because, before long, you adapt to your new world view and you begin to trust where you now stand.

For me this was a180-degree shift in reality.  Like animals went from oh those pretty creations of God, those pretty birds, oh that sweet kitty, nice dog to hey crow, you have something to say to me? Let’s talk!  Hi dog, you want to have me put my hands on your hips cause you’re having surgery and you’re worried?   OK, when everything that is alive begins to talk to you, life becomes very interesting really fast.

As I woke up to my new way of being in the world, I also had healing gifts awakening. I really started to live my life not knowing what would happen next, but always willing to embrace things as they came.  So one day when I had just say goodbye to one of my clients, I came to the hallway in my bedroom.  Suddenly, while looking out my window, I saw that, standing in the middle of an apple orchard about half a football field away, was a beautiful doe.  She looked up and I became aware that she and I were locked into each other’s gaze. For several minutes neither of us moved our gaze… I felt this deep sense that something was happening, but I was not sure what.

About a minute later, all of a sudden I said, “OK, I will do it.”  Then I felt my gaze release and hers too and we both walked away.  Then I wondered what I had just agreed to.  Being all embracing, this was just another one of those moments when I just had to go with the flow.

The next day I had a surprise waiting for me as I finished my work with a client. I came out into my bedroom and saw the doe again, only this time she was standing right at my bedroom window.  She was beautiful so I went closer to look at her.  I was also suddenly aware that my dog, who is a great tracker, had not been barking.  Normally she would be going crazy if a deer was this close to the house. She did not move.  Amazing.

When I reached the window and looked down, I could see she was not alone.  She had brought with her a yearling and a new baby fawn.  The little one was not looking well.  It seemed to be having trouble breathing and it could not stand very well.  I began to send some healing energy to this little one, thinking, “Well, OK, I can at least do this… praying and sending love.”  I thought, “OK, I did it; perhaps that is what she needed me to do.”

Another client came and I became focused on that for a few hours.  Then, as I said goodbye, my dog was out in the orchard going nuts, barking at something.  I realized instantly… it must be the baby fawn. I shouted to my husband Andrew to grab a blanket quickly and meet me in the orchard. We ran as it was just starting to rain and we picked up this shivering baby.  It was in trouble and its health was declining fast.

We got on the phone to see if anyone in our area was doing deer rescue work.  After several calls, the only person who did deer rescue work was out of town.  I started to try what ever I could think of, but nothing was coming to mind—no remedy.  Before long, it became clear to me that this baby was just not going to live.  So I began to pray for its passing. We checked on it every half hour and, after about another hour, this baby finally let go and passed.  I did a sending prayer to the deer spirits to come and meet this little one, praying with tobacco, and decided to wait till morning to bury it.

That night I became super aware that something else had to be done. When I woke in the morning, I had a whole story in my mind about this deer.  That it had been out grazing around a house and someone had put out rat poison.  It had eaten some of that poison and the mother knew it could not be left out to die or more animals would surly die.  So I was just about to tell Andrew when he woke up with the same story in his mind.  I said, “We cannot bury that deer.”

Andrew said, “I know; I’ll go dig a pit… we have to burn it.”  Andrew dug a large five-foot hole, built a large fire, and began to cremate this small deer.  It took five hours; he had to make sure it was all turned to ash because no part of this little one could be left.  Not for worms or mountain lions, all of which we had living around us in the mountains where we live.  So it took a long time.  Then we sat and realized how special this was, here in a meadow where we had begun to do ceremonies, was this little deer spirit.  So we named our meadow after it:  “Medicine Deer Meadow.”

We said more prayers and thanked Creator for our opportunity to serve the deer in this way.  Little did we know what we had agreed too, but we were glad theirs and our ears on our hearts were on.  We got the message and saved a lot of animal lives that day. Blessings to the little one as we asked for forgiveness for the person who put out the poison.   May that little deer be ever-loved and embraced by the Light.

Look out when something keeps your gaze; you never know what you might be agreeing to do.

deer.JPGLove and Blessings,

Kelley – Butterfly Woman

Check out “Butterfly Woman’s Radio Show for my latest story about Deer.

Full Circle – The White Crane and The Butterfly!

There comes a time in your life when everything about you comes together. For me this is that moment.  In the last year my wings have been spreading wider to begin a new phase in my life… one that gives all I have learned a place to go.  Launching into this time has been a season with the White Crane as my power ally.

I have had to sit all winter, be still and let the time ebb away.  While I waited to come into my new awareness. It has been a special time of non-action, unlike a moment when I am shut down or feeling closed off for emotional reasons. This was not like that, it was a time of being still, on purpose to deepen into myself.

The medicine of the While Crane is truly special to me and something that I will share about in another story later.  However the coming of this Bird into my life marks a great portent for me and one that I did not see coming.  But upon reflection makes total sense to me now.

The springtime is the season of Butterfly Woman.  Those who know me, know this is my medicine name.  I have had to learn the meaning of this name over and over again and its power to transform.  Learning yet another level of how to be Butterfly Woman, reborn from the  Chrysalis of Winter with the White Crane into The White Butterfly Woman feels exciting.

At this moment, at the birth of spring this year, I turn 50 years young. On the night of my birthday I have been asked to be the Elder at an event with a gathering of 175 children in the woods south of Portland, Oregon.  It feels like a perfect way to receive my crown as an Elder by being one!

All Winter the Crane has been giving me visions with children and telling me it’s time to start to teach children with your work.  Then my Spiritual Grandfather came to me and said, Butterfly you have to begin your work with the children.  I began to hear, teach KID’s Quest, a simpler version of my adult Vision Quest program.  I have begun to design the process and have committed to present this new  program at the end of Summer.

I am taking my first group of children to Mt. Shasta with their parents for a three day immersion into Nature experience. I promise to post a blog about the journey.   I will be sharing many stories this year about my latest self expression….as “White Butterfly Woman”.  Keep smiling, it’s good medicine:)))

If you’re interested in Kid’s Quest, fill out the form below and we will contact you with details.

Blessings to your journey!

Rev. Kelley – Butterfly

It’s Never Just One Thing!

Many of my clients come to me wondering why they are having struggles with a negative pattern.  Why is this always coming up for me? I have done therapy, workshops and I still have this issue.  Why am I stuck?  

Sound familiar?  Most of us have found ourselves here at one time or another.  One of the first things I always feel I must say is, “It’s never just one thing.”  There are, without question, going to be layers to any pattern we have.  Especially those tough ones that are hanging onto us like a sucker fish.   So I recommend instead of looking to find one cause, that we go at it with a multi-layered approach. That way, you can get a clearer understanding about where a pattern is coming from to begin with. Then you can make a more complete plan for changing the pattern for good.

By having multi-layer awareness you can then see how you can make a map for navigating changes very quickly. If you look for one cause and miss going deeper at another level, you’ll be staring that issue in the face again too soon.

Here is what you can do.  First, I have a suggestion before you begin:  Make an agreement with yourself about what you’re doing.  Let you in on your plan to bust a pattern.   Agree to be an honest self-observer.  Ruthless honesty is sometimes the first step in changing a negative pattern. Willingness to be self-reflective is another. Make your self-agreement the first step. Be sure to write it down, then put it where you will see it often, if not everyday.

Here are some of the layers I work with in my practice with my clients, that you can explore with yourself.

1) If it’s an issue from childhood, it most likely has threads that are subconscious. If you know how to access your inner child, go in and do some holding and listening with your inner child parts.  Or if you are not aware of how to do this, you may want to have my assistance.  I have developed a multi-layered process to navigate you through your Inner Child Integration to completion.

2)  Notice what your emotional payoff is in the pattern. What is it that you get to keep feeling related to the negative belief. Once you know what that is, you can write a new script for a new pattern that you do want, a counter-script. Then put it into practice by reading it every day and reminding yourself of the new pattern whenever the old one comes up.  Practice this until the new pattern holds.

3) Take some time to sit still and get into a meditative state. Call in a group of spirit guides around yourself to give you support and love.  With the God Source, your Angels, Ascended Masters and Animal Spirits around you, feel how surrounded you are by loving energy. Once you feel this loving presence is really solidly around you, you can begin to ask questions from your guides.  Ask to be shown where in your shadow this issue is hiding.  You can ask your guides as many questions as you like. Including how to best address the issue. Then listen and follow what feels true to your heart.

4) Notice if you’re having any trouble letting yourself feel surrounded by love to begin with.  If so, you may need some deeper support to heal.  Often when we have been put down by others our ability to trust other people is damaged too. This is an area where I make a promise to my clients to be that someone they can trust. I agree to be gentle and a safe person for them to open up to.

5) Some layers that are more advanced require the ability to look into past life memories and dive deeper into spiritual communication. For this, it helps if you have someone to work with who is able to communicate at those higher levels of spiritual awareness.  For instance, I have a highly developed ability to communicate spiritually with past life memories as well as to communicate with spiritual guides and the higher-self of the person I am working with and more.

Hopefully this gives you some insight into how to go after layers of awareness for yourself when addressing those sometimes hard-to-change negative patterns.  Blessings to you on your journey of healing and know that I am here if you need support from someone you can trust.

Many Blessings

Rev. Kelley Springer

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Listening along the Way…

Welcome to Love Wisdom Power – Paths to Wholeness blog site. I am so excited to be sharing this site with you.  The walk of the “Gentle Way” path has revealed many stories, lessons and truths to be shared.  I honor the God-source and its infinite Love, Wisdom and Power, that speaks to the heart of all seekers in life.

I have found along the journey that listening to Spirit’s voice has given me keys to greater love, compassion and understanding that I alone could never have realized.  For this I am deeply grateful and forever changing for the better, may it ever be so.

The time spent sitting in the sacred “Rainbow Medicine Wheel” has marked my time here with great profundity. These moments have been more than mere quiet on the side of a mountain. There has been great awareness and tremendous dawning of consciousness that once awakened can never sleep. Once arrived, it must be lived.

I have reached a point on my personal journey where I am entering into Elder-hood.  I take this step very carefully with honor and respect. To those who have come before me, both my walking teachers, my spiritual guides and ancestors alike – I thank you.  For you have informed me throughout the way.  I would not be here in this place of sharing my life’s stories if it were not for your love of me.

It is my deepest dream to inspire and encourage an awakening life. One that will someday reflect the greater truths we all hold deep in our heart of knowing.  We are to share this world with each other in greater peace and harmony with all of life. To be able to preserve the life force for all our future generations to come is our human-mandate, our destiny.

To the Nexus…(the point of connection) The Next US!

Yours Truly,

Rev. Kelley Springer – Butterfly Woman