It is rare but wondrous when a professional comes along who massively exceeds expectations, especially in the healing field, since this area is about extending oneself for another’s welfare—whereas, most professionals maintain tight boundaries on their personal giving in order to be available day after day.

Kelley Springer is one such exception to the usual rule of therapeutic professionalism.  She embodies Scott Peck’s definition of love: “The willingness to extend oneself for another’s spiritual growth.”

Kelley is an interfaith minister with shamanic expertise in Native American and African traditions, but her extraordinary specialty is inner child recovery: the unwinding of unconscious patterns from childhood trauma.  I have worked with at least a dozen therapists in as many modalities over 15 years and received some benefit from all of them, but I’ve never encountered anyone like Kelley.  Her willingness to take a stand for me, to be my advocate, to say: “it’s not okay with me that you keep hurting” is unique in my experience.  In short, she inspires trust. 

That’s why after six months association, I feel compelled to share my success with our community.  In a region packed with healers, Kelley is a cut above.  This recommendation comes entirely unsolicited.   I thought a testimonial would benefit both her practice and any friends out there who are sick of process without progress.  I’m telling you: shift happens.

“J. G.” Ashland Oregon

I have been working with Rev. Kelley Springer since August of this year and I know without a doubt that this work has given me a new source of energy, creativity and sense of wholeness.  She is helping me to integrate all aspects of myself to wholeness, so I can continue my work here in a good way.  I have experienced such profound love and joy in connecting through her to my ancestors and guides and the council that resides within me.  I have experienced such a greater understanding of the difficulties that have manifest over and over in my life and a true release and cleansing of the darker aspects.

I love visiting the Temple of Light and healing with her and within myself.  I know there is so much more to learn and yet I feel that in a short time I have come to a greater sense of wholeness and well-being, of understanding and compassion for myself, for this Earth and for all my friends, family, colleagues, students and for all my relations.

Thank you Kelley and I honor and cherish your work and our connection. You are a kind and gentle, soul.  A healer of extraordinary insight and love.

With love and gratitude,
Barbara, Victoria, Canada

I have had the pleasure of numerous healing sessions with Reverend Kelley.  The realization of our inner beauty as individuals and communal beings is indeed life-changing and feels incredibly important at this time on our planet.  She has helped family relationship matters for me, while at the same time opening my heart to the beauty within.  Also, in 1988, I had a head injury, resulting in years of neck pain which was getting worse with age.  And the memory issues had become just part of life. She applied White Time Touch Healing (non-invasive and not scary at all), and the pain in my neck is gone and has not returned. I feel so normal now.  She is an incredible Healer and some days it is difficult to fully grasp the impact of what her healing has given back to me.  I thank her with heart-filled gratitude and love for the amazing gift of simple daily comfort.”

Linda, Medford, Oregon

With her extensive background, Rev. Kelly Springer is a very talented healer and intuitive guide through the maze of our inner workings.  She has created the most comprehensive inner child work I’ve ever experienced, which played an important role in helping my wife and I heal our relationship during a very challenging period.

Dr. Dane Roubos, Ashland, OR

I came from Sweden to work with you in September – you poured in your heart and Soul into my recovery and awakening to the potential of the being that I am!!! I am so grateful for all your assistance and the stability and opening that took place during your sessions, but also much so in the period of integration that has followed. Some of the tools you thought me in our last session have been life saving. Know that I am deeply grateful and that there is so much love in my heart for you.

With Much Love, Jahanavi, Sweden

It’s been sometime since we have visited but there was a time in my life when I was riddled with fear and consumed with other peoples thoughts. I doubted my very being. You gave me back to myself you lead me to my courage and uncovered my strength. I was afraid as most of us are. But through your healings I found my light. You gave me the belief I needed to regain my confidence in life. You gave me all these gifts all these treasures so that I could be a mother to my son. When I was lost and it was so dark my light shined through with your guidance and healings. My son is my testimony to your ability to support and encourage our inner being. We are forever blessed to have you in our lives as a teacher and friend. Thank you for the understanding. Thank you for speaking outloud what I couldn’t say with my own words those words we hide even from ourselves it was like magic when these lept from your tongue. How could anyone know what I have NEVER spoke about. You are an oracle sent to better our world and those in it.

Much love to you and your teachings, Melissa Smith – GrantsPass OR

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