About Kelley Springer

20151031_160546Kelley Springer is the Founder of Love Wisdom Power – Paths to Wholeness – a healing practice dedicated to universal principals that support transformation, integration and healing for individuals, families, communities and all life.  Her dedication to understanding the meaning of wholeness has led her to become a true steward of the heart.

Kelley is a Spiritual Counselor, offering her gifts to all she encounters in life.  She works with adults, children and animals, in co-operation with all of Earth’s elements and kingdoms. She is a profound guide, supporting healing and transformation of one’s whole-self.

Her practice of 25 years has made her a remarkable navigator for all souls. She has developed her own methods of Inner Child Integration that are designed to bring one to a true communion with one’s life purpose and a solid foundation of self.  She offers one of the most expanded Ancestral Healing processes known.  Her methods are intended to be guiding and supportive of one’s personal power.

She is a proven Storyteller and loves to share with people of all ages the codes of nature and the seeking of inner empowerment, wisdom and self love.  She believe that through taking these steps each one of us has gifts to share that are important to our world.  She love to play music and art, both as a teacher and artist.  For her it is through artful expression that we see each others souls.

Kelley is also a sacred Artist and teaches a number of classes for inviting the sacred in us to be revealed through art. She offers a ceremony for sacred rattle making.  Ocean seaweed dragons are part of her medicine tools in her healing room. She is an intuitive musician, she plays harp, drum and rattles. As a singer and storyteller, she performs at schools, churches and for ceremonies – weddings, funerals, and celebration of birth.

Kelley is available for private sessions, and can work with people distantly around the world. She is available for workshops and group ceremonies by invitation. 

To find out more go to her website:  www.LoveWisdomPower.com.

Her private practice is located in Talent, Oregon, USA.

She can be reached on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/revkelley4healing

You can Tweet her at:  https://twitter.com/#!/lovewisdompower

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